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How Startup Lobby creates value with you and for you

We offer a unique event methodology that combines pitching, Q&A, feedback and networking opportunities, addressing the specific gains and pains of our diverse customer segments

Bright Idea Bulb

Idea validation and feedback

It's great to see how people, pitching their ideas to an engaging audience, are able to use the valuable feedback they received to validate their idea and to grow

Paper Structures

Business Model / MVP validation

We have special sessions prepared to get constructive feedback on your business model and MVP from fellow participants  - i.e. potential customers


Networking opportunities

It's fantastic to see many meaningful connections forming at our events. Connect with founders, entrepreneurs, investors, partners and suppliers. Connect with the people behind your 1st level network


Pitching practice & refinement

Participants leave with enhanced confidence and honed pitching skills, all set to perfect their message

Mixed Fruits

Building brand awareness & reputation

Showcase your startup and elevate your professional profile

Shake on It

Gaining new clients, employees, referrals & leads

Numerous participants have managed to expand their client base, discover suppliers and even meet potential co-founders by show-casting their products or services


Learn with and from others

It's great to observe how many participants have obtained valuable insights in both knowledge and tools to stay ahead


And much more!


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