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Our Story

Start-up Lobby was founded in 2022 by passionate people who recognised the need for a partner network that could help anyone curious and interested in diving into new ventures to connect, collaborate, inspire and to be inspired. With a shared vision of nurturing innovation and and promoting entrepreneurship, we set out to create a vibrant, diverse and supportive network that adds true value to each participant.  

We are organising regular events and workshops to facilitate growth and increase the reach of the Startup Lobby Partner Network. 

Our Why

Our purpose is to empower individuals and organisations by providing opportunities, resources and connections that unlock their full potential and drive value creation. We are committed to building a thriving ecosystem that nurtures growth, promotes collaboration and values diversity.

Our Vision

To become a leading platform that fosters entrepreneurial success, inspires innovation and creates a supportive and inclusive community of trusted parties united by our shared values and purpose.

Meet The Front-end of the Network

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