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The brainpower and network of a whole community is yours...

Startup Lobby is primarily about connecting people through their curiosity - no matter whether you are a founder, an investor, have an idea or are just generally curious.


We believe that there are enough monologue-type sessions out there where participants mainly sit in and listen to success stories. This is precisely why we created Startup Lobby, a platform that centers around YOU and enables YOU to actively engage, participate, and enjoy yourself while connecting with fellow entrepreneurs. 

Save Your Spot

No upcoming events at the moment

Pay What Feels Right after the event

You, the founders, take centre stage with your current ideas and challenges

  • Pick the brains of a diverse network

  • Meet and stay connected with your new business partners, suppliers, customers, friends, etc.

  • Inspire others and get inspired

Format especially built to spark the creative process

  • Swarm intelligence

  • Diversity

  • Beyond borders

You are our VIP

  • because you are essential to the ideas of others

Pitch your idea and / or challenges

Rely on swarm intelligence to give you a broader view on your challenges

Be part of a strong and reliable ecosystem that builds on the success of its members

We strive to be the most relevant and lasting network for your success

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